The 2020 International Symposium on Geographic Information, Energy and Environmental Sustainable Development (GIEES2020)


Tianjin, China


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Prof. Mingzhou Qin
Prof. Mingzhou Qin
Henan University, China
Research Area: Land change science, Natural resources science
Prof. Qin Mingzhou works as a second-level professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Environment and Planning of Henan University, and the director of the academic committee of the school. He is currently deputy dean of the School of Environment and Planning of Henan University, director of the Environmental and Health Engineering Technology Research Center of Henan University, and part-time expert of the Henan Provincial Government Local Nature Reserve, Biodiversity Review Committee; director of the China Branch of the International Society of Landscape Ecology, China Land The deputy director of the Society’s Land Economics Special Committee, the deputy director of the China Natural Resources Society’s Resource Geography Professional Committee, etc. Mainly engaged in land use research. Author of 14 books including "U.S. Land Use and Control", published more than 80 papers, and went abroad many times to participate in international academic conferences.